Current Lab Members

Name Research topic Photo
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Yilin Chen Undergraduate student working on statistical methods for the analysis of single-cell transcriptomics cancer data.
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Yongbao Zhuang ScM student is investigating the development and neurogenesis of the enteric nervous system with single-cell profiling (Joint student with Subhash Kulkarni.)
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Albert Kuo PhD student working on developing statistical methods to analyze single-nucleus RNA-sequencing data.
Erik Nelson PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Medicine using single-nucleus RNA-sequencing data to understand human psychiatric disorders (Joint student with Keri Martinowich).
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Wenpin Hou Postdoc working on developing statistical methods for imputation, gene regulatory networks inference, and data integration with time-varying effects at single-cell resolution. Awarded a NIH/NHGRI K99 grant in 2021 (Joint postdoc with Hongkai Ji).
Lukas Weber Postdoc working on data analysis, statistical methodology, software development, and benchmarking for single-cell and spatial transcriptomics data. Awarded the Early Career Research Symbiont Award in 2021.

Friends of the Lab

Name Research topic
Carrie Wright Assistant Scientist (Biostatistics Faculty) working on developing data science educational content for the JHU Data Science Lab including Open Case Studies.

Current Research Assistants

Past Research Assistants

  • Michael Ontiveros
  • Kexin (Sheena) Wang
  • Ruoxi Liu
  • Alexandra Stephens
  • Hanchao (Ted) Zhang
  • Pei-Lun (Perry) Kuo