Tidyverse Skills for Data Science in R


Stephanie C. Hicks


December 7, 2020

I am happy to announce a project that we at the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab have been working on for this last year!

We developed a new 5 course Specialization on Coursera: Tidyverse Skills for Data Science in R!

This Specialization series is intended for data scientists with some familiarity with the R programming language who are seeking to do data science using the tidyverse collection of packages. Through 5 courses, we cover importing, wrangling, visualizing, and modeling data using the powerful Tidyverse framework. The Tidyverse packages provide a simple but powerful approach to data science which scales from the most basic analyses to massive data deployments. This Specialization covers the entire life cycle of a data science project and presents specific tidy tools for each stage.

What you will learn

  • Organize a data science project
  • Import data from common spreadsheet, database, and web-based formats
  • Wrangle and manipulate messy data and build tidy datasets
  • Build presentation quality data graphics
  • Model data using both inference and prediction methods

For more information: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/tidyverse-data-science-r.

Online book via bookdown

In addition to the courses on Coursera, we wrote a book in bookdown, which contains all the content on Coursera without the quizzes and final course projects.

Summary of the five courses

      Class                   Course Page                         Links            
Introduction to the Tidyverse Coursera course book chapter
Importing data in the Tidyverse Coursera course book chapter
Wrangling data in the Tidyverse Coursera course book chapter
Visualizing data in the Tidyverse Coursera course book chapter
Modeling Data in the Tidyverse Coursera course book chapter

Online book via Leanpub

We are are also working on releasing the material through Leanpub. This is still a work in progress, but it should be complete in a few weeks and you can learn more about it here in the mean time:

About our team

The instructors and content developers for the Specialization:

We also owe a great thanks to many others including:

  • The artwork and icons were designed by the amazing Jessica Crowell (Cinematographer, Videographer, Editor, and Writer!) from the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab!
  • Ira Gooding (Manager of the Open Education Lab in the Center for Teaching and Learning at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) was instrumental in helping us see this to completion!
  • Jeff Leek and the entire team at Cloud-Based Data Science (CBDS) were incredibly generous with their content, which we adapted for the Tidyverse Specialization.