Current Lab Members

Masters students

Name Research topic Photo
Weishan Li ScM student in Biostatistics using multi-omics data to understand high-grade serous ovarian cancer with unsupervised methods.

PhD students

Name Research topic Photo
Alyssa Columbus PhD student in Biostatistics and Vivien Thomas Scholar at Johns Hopkins University defining elements and principles for characterizing and evaluating data analyses.
Cindy Fang PhD student in Biostatistics developing computational methods for single-cell and spatial transcriptomics data.
Erik Nelson PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Medicine using single-nucleus RNA-sequencing data to understand human psychiatric disorders (Joint with Keri Martinowich).
Sowmya Parthiban PhD student in Biostatistics developing machine learning methods for spatial transcriptomics data.
Kinnary Shah PhD student in Biostatistics developing statistical inference tools for spatial transcriptomics data.
Jianing Yao PhD student in Biostatistics developing scalable clustering methods and software for spatial omics data.


Name Research topic Photo
Boyi Guo Postdoc working on developing scalable statistical learning models for high-dimensional data analysis with emphasis on –omics applications.
Sean Maden Postdoc working on machine learning algorithms and open-source software for bulk and single-cell data.
Michael Totty Postdoc leading single-nucleus RNA-sequencing and spatially-resolved transcriptomic projects to understand human psychiatric disorders. NIH/NHMH F32 awardee.


Postdoc Alumni

PhD Alumni

Masters Alumni

Rotation Alumni

  • Caleb Hallinan | 2024
  • Rafael dos Santos Peixoto | 2022
  • Chaichontat Sriworarat | 2022

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Yilin Chen | 2022
  • Cynthia Lo | 2022

Past Research Assistants

  • Michael Ontiveros
  • Kexin (Sheena) Wang
  • Ruoxi Liu
  • Alexandra Stephens
  • Hanchao (Ted) Zhang
  • Pei-Lun (Perry) Kuo

Former Friends of the Lab (FFOL)