• Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 2025 Jun 4. New York City, NY. USA.
  • NERVSPAN. 2025 Apr 7-9. Bordeaux, France.


  • Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases through Dietary Molecules. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2024 Sept 25. Lincoln, NE. USA.
  • Keynote presentation at the Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Statistical Modeling in Molecular Biology at Congressi Stefano Franscini at Monte Verità. 2024 Sept 8-13. Ascona, Switzerland.
  • Invited session on “Building Better Data Analyses: Theory, Methods, and Lessons Learned”. Joint Statistical Meetings. 2024 Aug 3-8. Portland, OR. USA.
  • Keynote presentation at R/Medicine 2024. 2024 Jun 13.
  • Boston University Bioinformatics Student-Organized Symposium. 2024 June 5. Boston, MA. USA.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. 2024 May 7. Philadelphia, PA. USA.
  • Invited session on “Spatial mapping of tissues at single cell resolution: statistical models and computational paradigms”. STATGEN Conference. 2024 1-3 May. Pittsburgh, PA. USA.
  • Department of Biostatistics. Unviersity of Washington. 2024 Apr 25. Seattle, WA. USA.
  • Invited session on “Statistical methods for population scale single cell RNA-seq data and spatial transcriptomics”. ENAR Conference. 2024 Mar 10-13. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Co-organizer of Statistical Aspects of Trustworthy Machine Learning at Banff International Research Station. 2024 Feb 11-16. Banff, Alberta. CA.
  • Plenary talk at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT). 2024 Feb 5-8. Orlando, FL. USA.
  • Department of Biostatistics. University of Pittsburgh. 2024 Jan 25. Pittsburgh, PA. USA.
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Network. 2024 Jan 24. Bordeaux, France.


  • Invited panel at American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) 62nd Annual Meeting. 2023 Dec 3-6. Tampa, FL. USA.
  • CSHL Computational Genomics Course. 2023 Nov 29-Dec 6. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. USA.
  • Department of Statistical Sciences. Wake Forest University. 2023 Oct 17. Winston-Salem, NC. USA
  • Keynote presentation at the Workshop on Reading, Assembling, Analyzing, and Designing Genomic Data at the AI in Health Conference. 2023 Oct 9. Houston, TX. USA.
  • Myrto Lefkopoulou Distinguished Lecturership. Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. 2023 Sept 21. Boston, MA. USA.

2023 Mytro Award

  • Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS) / Center for Imaging Science (CIS). Johns Hopkins University. 2023 Sept 12. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Invited session on “Advanced Statistical Methods in Spatial biology”. Joint Statistical Meetings. 2023 Aug 5-10. Toronto, Ontario. CA.
  • Reproducible and FAIR Bioinformatics Analysis of Omics Data. 2023 Jul 18. Bar Harbor, ME. USA.
  • Annual Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) Postgraduate Researcher Conference. 2023 Jun 27-28. Liverpool, UK.
  • Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. 2023 June 7. New York City, NY. USA.
  • Symposium on Epigenome Sciences. Johns Hopkins University. 2023 May 22. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Translational Data Science Integrated Research Center. Fred Hutch. 2023 May 4. Seattle, WA. USA.
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering. Johns Hopkins University. 2023 Apr 20. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Department of Biostatistics. Vanderbilt University. 2023 Mar 29. Nashville, TN. USA.
  • Invited session on “Decomposing Admixed Genomics Data: Cell-type-aware Analysis Methodology Advances”. ENAR Conference. 2023 Mar 19-22. Nashville, TN. USA.
  • Moderator at the ‘Single Cells, Single Cells, Single All the Way’ session. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting. 2023 Mar 2-5. Washington D.C. USA.
  • JHU Biostatistics PhD Visitors Weekend. 2023 Feb 17. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Genetics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Colloquium. UCSD Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB) Graduate Program. 2023 Feb 16. San Diego, CA. USA.
  • Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB). University of Maryland. 2023 Feb 2. College Park, MD. USA.
  • Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Department of Mathematics. University of Exeter. 2023 Feb 1. Exeter, South West England, United Kingdom.
  • Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics. 2023 Jan 27. Boston, MA. USA.


  • CSHL Winter Course on Computational Genomics Course. 2022 Nov 30-Dec 12. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. USA.
  • Biological Data Sciences. 2022 Nov 9-12. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. USA.
  • Keynote presentation at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Data Intensive Engeering and Science (IDIES) 2022 Annual Symposium. 2022 Oct 20. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Department of Statistics and Data Science. The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. 2022 Oct 19. Philadelphia, PA. USA.
  • Refining best practices for reproducibility to improve the quality of data analyses in statistics and data science. Invited session on “A Multi-disciplinary View of Reproducibility”. Joint Statistical Meetings. 2022 Aug 6-11. Washington DC. USA.
  • Increasing the reproducibility and rigor of single-cell RNA-seq through the use of statistics and data science. Reproducible and FAIR Bioinformatics Analysis of Omics Data. 2022 Jul 18. Bar Harbor, ME. USA.
  • CSHL Summer Course on Single Cell Analysis. 2022 Jul 5-6. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. USA.
  • CSHL Summer Course on Statistical Analysis of Genome Scale Data. 2022 Jul 1-14. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. USA.
  • NHGRI-NIEHS Workshop on RNomics. 2022 24-26 May.
  • Department of Genetic Medicine. Johns Hopkins University SOM. 2022 May 18. Baltimore, MD. USA.
  • Design principles for data analysis. R-Ladies East Lansing. 2022 Apr 14.
  • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Michigan State University. 2022 Apr 14. Lansing, MI. USA.
  • 2022 NHGRI Research Training & Career Development Annual Meeting. 2022 Apr 3-6.
  • Making genomic data science accessible, reproducible, and scalable to improve human health. Department of Biostatistics at Brown School of Public Health. 2022 Mar 23. Providence, RI. USA.
  • Department of Physiology and Biophysics and the Institute for Computational Biomedicine (ICB) at Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM). 2022 Mar 14. New York City, NY. USA.
  • Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (4th edition). VIB Conference (Plenary session). 2022 Mar 10-11. Leuven, Belgium.
  • Spring MIT Bioinformatics Seminar Series. MIT Math Department and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2022 Feb 23. Boston, MA. USA.
  • Department of Biostatistics. Virginia Commonwealth University. 2022 Feb 4. Richmond, VA. USA.
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics. McMaster University. 2022 Jan 28. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Earlier years


Watch a pre-conference interview here:




  • Missing Data and Technical Variability in Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Experiments. Joint Statistical Meetings. 2017 Jul 29-Aug 3. Baltimore, MD, USA.
  • Estimating cell type composition in whole blood using differentially methylated regions. Bioconductor conference. 2017 Jul 26-28. Boston, MA, USA.
  • Missing Data and Technical Variability in Single Cell RNA-Sequencing Experiments. Ascona Workshop 2017: Statistical Challenges in Single Cell Biology. 2017 Apr 30-May 5. Ascona, Switzerland.
  • Setting the Stage for Reproducibility and Replicability in Science. Brandeis University. 2017 Mar 22. Waltham, MA, USA.




  • Normalization of DNA methylation and Gene Expression Data in the Context of Global Variation. Bioinformatics Meeting, Division of Immunology, Harvard Medical School. 2014 Sept 18. Boston, MA, USA.
  • quantro: When should you use quantile normalization?. Flashlight talk at the Bioconductor Conference. 2014 Jul 30-Aug 1. Boston, MA, USA.
  • ROpenSci Unconference. Invited to work with over 40 R enthusiasts from industry, academia, non-profits and government on projects supporting open data, open science and data visualization in R. Contributed to R-packages including explainr and catsplainr.


  • Modeling Discovery Of Functional SNPs From Genome Scale Data. JSM 2011. Miami, FL, USA.


  • Prediction of Missense Mutation Functionality Depends on both the Algorithm and Sequence Alignment Employed. Human Genome Variation Society’s Exploring the Functional Consequences of Genomic Variation Meeting. Washington, D.C., USA.