Schedule and course materials for Statistical Programming Paradigms and Workflows (JHSPH Biostatistics 140.840 Fall 2022).

Schedule and course materials

For Rmd files, go to the course GitHub repository and navigate the directories, or best of all to clone the repo and navigate within RStudio.

Week Dates Topics Projects
Module 1 Statistical programming at the command-line
Week 1 Oct 27 Course introduction [syllabus] 🌴 Project 1 [html] [Qmd]
Building websites with quarto [html] [Qmd]
Week 2 Nov 1 Introduction to the command-line [html] [Qmd]
Nov 3 More advanced command-line tools [html] [Qmd]
Week 3 Nov 8 Version control (git) [html] [Qmd] 🌴 Project 2 [html] [Qmd]
Nov 10 Version control (GitHub) [html] [Qmd]
Nov 11 🍂 Project 1 due
Module 2 R software development
Week 4 Nov 15 Object Oriented Programming [html] [Qmd]
Nov 17 R package software development [html] [Qmd]
Week 5 Nov 22 🦃 Class is canceled
Nov 24 🦃 No lecture, enjoy the break!
Nov 25
Module 3 Advanced programming paradigms
Week 6 Nov 29 Functional programming with purrr [html] [Qmd] 🍂 Project 2 due
🌴 Project 3 [html] [Qmd]
Dec 1 Project management with targets [html] [Qmd]
Package website with pkgdown [html] [Qmd]
Week 7 Dec 6 Retrieving data from APIs [html] [Qmd]
Dec 8 Relational databases and SQL basics [html] [Qmd]
Module 4 Interactive web apps and dashboards
Week 8 Dec 13 Building dashboards with flexdashboard and shinydashboard [html] [Qmd] 🍂 Project 3 due
🌴 Project 4 [html] [Qmd]
Dec 15 Scraping data from the web with rvest [html] [Qmd]
Module 5 Dealing with “big” data
Week 9 Dec 20 Profiling R code [html] [Qmd]
Strategies for dealing with large data [html] [Qmd]
Dec 22 ❄️ Class is canceled
Dec 23 🍂 Project 4 due